So I was trying to blog and do the social media thing because I feel so isolated in real life. . Not sure if it’s helping tho. I still feel like a freak. Sure most of it is my fault, but I don’t know what to say to people 90% of the time. If I say what i think; pitchforks and torches. .. and I suck at pretending at small talk 😦



Ok; so I had a weird moment this week where someone posted a pic of a king cake and asked ‘wtf is up with this? ‘
So I orginally thought it was like a joke post; best of tumblr and all that bs.
But no. Apparently no one where I live knows anything about king cakes, jazz, or hurricane parties.
Help me out please WordPress? How widespread is the knowledge or lack thereof? ?

Last night

So last night I went out for a couple pints with some co-workers.  I very nearly didn’t go; the social anxiety was decidedly at the forefront.
But… I ended up having a really good time. Though I feel like I was blushing half the night from the jokes around the table, (mostly dudes,  mostly innuendos of a homosexual nature) interspersed with discussion of family and hobbies. (Im not sure why male interaction is largely making jokes at each other’s expense, but it is funny to see in full swing) I managed to join in at some points and had zero angry boyfriend texts.
Seriously; no angry bf texts! !! No where are you?, no what time are you leaving? , no harassment at all.
I have no words for how amazing that is. 🙂

Things the boyfriend does that I don’t understand. .

So this may end up as a part 1.
But the current query is as follows. .
  I’ve been living with my bf for almost a year.  He’s not very physical at home, but he gets touchy in public and it weirds me out. If it wasn’t a total switch,  it’d be less odd, but because of my inexperience,  I want to ask if other dudes do this and why? Just before I ask him so that i don’t approach the question in an insensitive manner; because guys get really weird over that shit.

So uh hey

I haven’t posted in a long time.  Been through some angry incarnations that really didn’t deserve a voice. 
Posting today because I saw a post on Facebook that hit the wtf bone.
Dude posted that having a secret camera in his bedroom would be a great way to avoid false allegations of rape; and I really have no way to put this into words. Its just me being super squeamed out.
How is this a better option?  Aren’t there laws against recording people in such situations?  And eeeeeww if this is really the only way you think to be sure your sexy time is on the up and up.
Gonna go shower in bleach