Just found out my buddy is an ‘ass man’. His last gf was an asian lady that weighed maybe 90 pounds. What the fuck am i missing? Lol



Okay, i have been reading/ seeing a lot of anti- feminist articles. Also have seen/read too many articles by women about feminism being a bad thing.
Someone please clarify? Because; fuck! I have spent waaaay too much of my life trying to be heard and taken seriously as a human being to knock feminism. Is feminism not how we got the right to vote? Is getting paid the same to do the same job a bad thing? Help me out; cause ive never ducked the hard work of truth; just a lil puzzled at all the women throwing other women under the bus!?!? That at least i would decry as being feminist.


I am officially on my weekend off now. So excited!!! This is not a job-gripe post, i swear; just happy to have free time and an evening (crosses fingers) with my partner/so/ whatever ya want to call the one other person that sees me when i wake up on occasion.
I should explain that tho i did go through with the co-habitation; we work very different schedules, so evenings of actually curling up and knocking out together have been infrequent at best.
So, um, yeah! Yay, weekend! I have some free time; a stack of books 15 inches high, at least twenty things i want to google( 15 of which i will not remember at the time, 5 got put to paper, and at least three on the same scribble sheet, so those will get looked up. Then, odds are, i will get sucked into the interweb zone…), plans to hit a woodworking demo with the man, movies and shows that have been recommended… ugh
The time never seems to fit all the things i want or need to do. But i am becoming okay with that, largely because i had a mental image of what it would be like to have the opposite problem- and having nothing to fill up my free hours…

Why i quit

Today i quit reading a book. It; while wearing a non fiction label; suggested that the Black Death was caused by water dragons or space dust.
While i personally dont give a fuck what type of wild ass stories anyone cares to tell, write, and sell under a fiction label; there should be some standards for what can be printed as the truth. ( but i know yall knew what non-fiction meant already ;))

Two things

Ok. So the first thing is an update to my last post…
My so and i ended up falling the hell out laughing at our ability to be super wierd and obsessive in opposite ways in the middle of Home Depot. It was unbelievablely amusing and odd and funny. 🙂
The second thing is i saw a post on wp about why hilary clinton shouldnt run for president. I should preemptively state that i have no real opinion on the woman running or no. What bothered me was the reasons given that she shouldnt run. Cause it gave the assumption that she would win; but it would be a bad idea because -a( it would be less political return than output.
And b(her daughter is about to have a baby. Wtf? Squared, because this is a post from a place that is in theory; pro woman.
Help me out here people; cause i am a little confused as to what positive message im supposed to take away from this article; and ya know what? I really cant see the same thing being written about jeb bush…
Clue me in? The post in referrence had comments disabled; or most of this would have been there instead.

Boyfriends and projects

I am more frustrated with my partner than i care to be at the moment. We are supposed to be working on a joint building project, and he has decided to make covers to rodent-proof the garden. Great idea, but now we are in Home Depot(awesome) but he has no idea what type of structure he wants to build or how. So from my point of view; he is spitballing progressively more complex ideas, making the process more complicated and more expensive than it needs to be. Arrrgh.
It this typical of all men? Cause it rubs completely against the logical grain for me. Oh, well; i will just say that he didnt grow up in a diy type household, lol.

Who we are

Ive always had running observations; trying to fill in the gaps of how people act and how much of that makes sense to me.
I already know that im a genetic freak of some kind, that im more aware of things. But its never been a positive thing. It tends to leave me able to explain people on a horrifyingly intimate level; and still not be able to identify with them at all. Like everything leading up to this point is clear but logic demands a different course than taken. Getting to the point where i have a hard time relating with anyone, so i become quieter and quieter…

Why i am pro choice

Ok, any pro-lifer still reading; take a deep breath. I know your mental immune system is freaking out right now; but stay with me. I don’t think you will disagree with everything i want to say.
The biggest thing is prevention of abortion as choice to me equals nazi germany. Sterilizations and abortions may have been mandatory for Jewish or other “unfit” genetic types; but for any woman that met their idea of racial perfection’- abortions were illegal.
And to make sure that nothing happened to these future Aryan Hitler youth types; these women thought able to bear a perfect specimen were taken to a Lebensborn. (State hospital, deprived of freedom and family.)
Today, the mandatory abortions in China are more common knowledge, but no matter your political or religous beliefs; i posit that this is not a matter to lay in the hands of the government- the elected will change over time; and noone should have this personal and monumental a decision taken out of their hands; in either direction.
So for me. If i get pregnant right now; i will lose my job. And having a kid with no way to feed and diaper it is some serious shit. But i have a sister that is a single mom who just decided to have another baby. And ya know what i said? Nothing. Because the decision is still in the correct hands, even if it isnt what i think is right.
Maybe ppl should stop trying to legislate everyone elses lives; and put more effort into their own.
( like all you so-called christian mfers. Stfu until youve read the bible, im tired of explaining your religion to you. Seriously, i will out- chapter and verse you, bring it)