Um now what?


I am feeling a little freaked out right now. I kicked over my roomates hamper on Thursday while trying to close a window. That in itself is not odd or worriesome; i can be a bit of a clutz and he refuses to stop opening this particular window; even though its an open invite for a little random b+e. The bit thats flipping me out is he is hiding insulin needles in the hamper. He is not diabetic.
Is there an explaination other than him being on drugs?
Also, last weekend, my grocery money mysteriously disappeared out of my room.
And i can’t find my only good pair of earrings. The ones still in the box from the jewelry store.
Im not really the type to freak out and start accusing people of stuff, i just don’t like where my brain is going with this picture.
Maybe i’m just being paraniod…



Thinking that i dont know what the hell im doing; or where to start…  dont want to hurt anyone; but it seems that is where honesty leads me


So this weekend i was introduced to a new tool supply store, caught the movie elyisium, and learned to solder. The movie was definately the weak spot in all of this. Not knocking the film, its just that learning a new skill and drooling over tools are more enjoyable to me. I know im a bit odd, heard it enough over the years; kinda at the point where i really dont care who i offend. Hmmm, thats not quite right. I no longer wish to allow the opinions of others to interfer or lessen my joy at finally being able to explore my interests and talents. And if im wierd, so what? Ive done the proper things for the last eight years and it made me miserable.