Okay, i have been reading/ seeing a lot of anti- feminist articles. Also have seen/read too many articles by women about feminism being a bad thing.
Someone please clarify? Because; fuck! I have spent waaaay too much of my life trying to be heard and taken seriously as a human being to knock feminism. Is feminism not how we got the right to vote? Is getting paid the same to do the same job a bad thing? Help me out; cause ive never ducked the hard work of truth; just a lil puzzled at all the women throwing other women under the bus!?!? That at least i would decry as being feminist.


6 thoughts on “Post-feminism?

  1. It is I, the Evil One, He Who is Pledged to Destroy Feminism, and other dramatic statements, etc., etc.

    The anti-feminist articles are the result of a growing recognition that feminism is not the noble social movement regarding rights and equality that it purports to be (e.g., see Christina Hoff Sommers’ “Who Stole Feminism? How Women Have Betrayed Women.”) I argue that it is a gender narcissistic subset of what the late Christopher Lasch wrote about in his modern classic “The Culture of Narcissism.”

    If you’d like, you can have a look at these posts to see if my new book sound like it might be of interest:

    I’m not looking to rack up a sale. I’ll be pleased to send you a .pdf of the book if you’re interested, no-strings-attached. The book is written for a popular and not academic audience. It is the narrative of a true story and journey of discovery.


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