Had a u.s. marshal knock on my door a few hours ago. He was apparently attempting to deliver a subpenoa to a man that moved a few months ago. Wierd. The guy that moved was a very nice older gent. Totally bagged an item the marshal touched, jic he isnt really a marshal.
Not sure where all this suspicion comes from lol.


Being not good

Long monday at work, skipped the gym after because my ass was kicked. Now im going to cook a frozen pizza and eat most or all of it while watching tv and being generally lazy and unproductive. I know this is close to the opposite of what i “should” be doing; i just dont give a damn right now.


I find it sad that i started this blog as an anonymous way to express my thoughts, feelings, experiences, and wierd shit that happens to me but i’ve largely been editing out most of what i want to say.
I am aware that this is the result of my upbringing and life experiences, but i dont want to be shaped by the negative entirely.
I want to use my previous crap to be better, to speak out and do so with conviction and compassion. I dont want anyone to walk the unblazed trail that i did.
I want to say what is. Without society bs, without fear. Im just not there yet and not sure how to click things over.
But i am sick of editing things down to what normals can deal with.


I’m having an odd moment. The guy I am dating is wearing Axe Pheonix stuff. It is wierd for me because that is what my psycho ex wears all the time. So not a good scent memory. 😦
Should i mention this or let it go? Leaning towards not saying anything. Not like im going all Vietnam flashback or anything serious.


Between the politicians(both sides, bitches), the media (see above), and goddamn dayshift at my job..
Not entirely sure whether i should question my sanitity more or less than i am currently. I say fuck you to both parties and anyone who expects me to think or vote a certain way because of my race gender or sexual orientation. I also have a bigger fuck off and die to anyone who thinks i should vote for legislation that hasnt been read yet. Are we as a voting public so far past “common sense” that we are accepting this bs? Or have we become so afraid that we “need” big brother? This is not the country i learned of in school either way. And i dont blame women, gays, or “not-white-ppl” for the change…
But to all of y’all out there who are not like me…
Get it together man. Im tired of cleaning up after you every day. Start acting like your balls have dropped.
Stop lying. To me, to yourself, just stop.
If the national rational ppl could get it together before either of the ‘wings’ does, it may save the country…
My thoughts only 😉