Roomate update

So today my roomate is convinced that he was poisoned because he got sick after thanksgiving dinner. Given his habit of eating found food, food poisoning that came on a day or two after ingesting some tasty garbage morsel seems more likely than a family member putting something in his turkey…
But hes on a rant, so i am staying the hell outta the conversation. I can only handle so much non-lucid rambling…


Trust is nonexistent

One of lifes unpleasant situations is feeling alone and not knowing who to trust; or if there is anyone you can trust…
It has left me grasping at straws, desperate to have something to stand on.
Or at the least, someone to talk to?


I feel bad about my blog. It has mostly been used to vent about things that I don’t feel that I can express in my real life to anyone. But my natural inclination to not burden anyone else with whats really going on in my life makes me feel guilty, or as if I’m just whining about small things. I know I have it easier than alot of my fellow humans and I don’t want to be ungrateful. Also, I’m bigger, stronger, smarter, and tougher than most everyone else, so I should be able to deal with life without help or whatever, right?
But I still get stressed and tripped up by things. And it seems to be dumb stuff that everyone else knows already and navigates easily.
So, sorry to anyone following… this is my arena to NOT be Spock. Even if I still don’t post everything I think.


Trying to figure out if my brain really works differently than everyone else’s. It is very odd to be able to explain a normal person’s thoughts and motivations and still lack understanding of the why.
What the hell is up with humans and this world? If i can see and explain the behavioral motivations, and still not understand, because my situational reactions are so very different; then i must be the problem/ anomaly… am i really the only one who is like this???