So I was trying to blog and do the social media thing because I feel so isolated in real life. . Not sure if it’s helping tho. I still feel like a freak. Sure most of it is my fault, but I don’t know what to say to people 90% of the time. If I say what i think; pitchforks and torches. .. and I suck at pretending at small talk 😦



Ok; so I had a weird moment this week where someone posted a pic of a king cake and asked ‘wtf is up with this? ‘
So I orginally thought it was like a joke post; best of tumblr and all that bs.
But no. Apparently no one where I live knows anything about king cakes, jazz, or hurricane parties.
Help me out please WordPress? How widespread is the knowledge or lack thereof? ?

Two things

Ok. So the first thing is an update to my last post…
My so and i ended up falling the hell out laughing at our ability to be super wierd and obsessive in opposite ways in the middle of Home Depot. It was unbelievablely amusing and odd and funny. 🙂
The second thing is i saw a post on wp about why hilary clinton shouldnt run for president. I should preemptively state that i have no real opinion on the woman running or no. What bothered me was the reasons given that she shouldnt run. Cause it gave the assumption that she would win; but it would be a bad idea because -a( it would be less political return than output.
And b(her daughter is about to have a baby. Wtf? Squared, because this is a post from a place that is in theory; pro woman.
Help me out here people; cause i am a little confused as to what positive message im supposed to take away from this article; and ya know what? I really cant see the same thing being written about jeb bush…
Clue me in? The post in referrence had comments disabled; or most of this would have been there instead.