Why i am pro choice

Ok, any pro-lifer still reading; take a deep breath. I know your mental immune system is freaking out right now; but stay with me. I don’t think you will disagree with everything i want to say.
The biggest thing is prevention of abortion as choice to me equals nazi germany. Sterilizations and abortions may have been mandatory for Jewish or other “unfit” genetic types; but for any woman that met their idea of racial perfection’- abortions were illegal.
And to make sure that nothing happened to these future Aryan Hitler youth types; these women thought able to bear a perfect specimen were taken to a Lebensborn. (State hospital, deprived of freedom and family.)
Today, the mandatory abortions in China are more common knowledge, but no matter your political or religous beliefs; i posit that this is not a matter to lay in the hands of the government- the elected will change over time; and noone should have this personal and monumental a decision taken out of their hands; in either direction.
So for me. If i get pregnant right now; i will lose my job. And having a kid with no way to feed and diaper it is some serious shit. But i have a sister that is a single mom who just decided to have another baby. And ya know what i said? Nothing. Because the decision is still in the correct hands, even if it isnt what i think is right.
Maybe ppl should stop trying to legislate everyone elses lives; and put more effort into their own.
( like all you so-called christian mfers. Stfu until youve read the bible, im tired of explaining your religion to you. Seriously, i will out- chapter and verse you, bring it)


How i will know

I will know that i have gone around the bend completely when EVERYTHING is connected, when EVERYTHING can be woven into a grandiose plan to undermine me!
Ok, so i am being a lil sarcastic here, but im guessing anyone over 30 has met at least one person that thinks our world as we know it is one big conspiracy…
And i really have a hard time listening to these people. Not for any lofty insight or inside info; 75% of the time; im trying not to roll my eyes while thinking; ‘ K. So, somehow this group that is waaaaay smarter than anyone i run into, ever. They got together, and came up with a plan to screw over 95% of the population, while having no slips of tongue or memory to anyone. Ever.
Multiply this by the number of ppl who could possibly be needed to pull off a proper cover-up….
Just saying; plausibility, bitches?