How i will know

I will know that i have gone around the bend completely when EVERYTHING is connected, when EVERYTHING can be woven into a grandiose plan to undermine me!
Ok, so i am being a lil sarcastic here, but im guessing anyone over 30 has met at least one person that thinks our world as we know it is one big conspiracy…
And i really have a hard time listening to these people. Not for any lofty insight or inside info; 75% of the time; im trying not to roll my eyes while thinking; ‘ K. So, somehow this group that is waaaaay smarter than anyone i run into, ever. They got together, and came up with a plan to screw over 95% of the population, while having no slips of tongue or memory to anyone. Ever.
Multiply this by the number of ppl who could possibly be needed to pull off a proper cover-up….
Just saying; plausibility, bitches?


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