I am officially on my weekend off now. So excited!!! This is not a job-gripe post, i swear; just happy to have free time and an evening (crosses fingers) with my partner/so/ whatever ya want to call the one other person that sees me when i wake up on occasion.
I should explain that tho i did go through with the co-habitation; we work very different schedules, so evenings of actually curling up and knocking out together have been infrequent at best.
So, um, yeah! Yay, weekend! I have some free time; a stack of books 15 inches high, at least twenty things i want to google( 15 of which i will not remember at the time, 5 got put to paper, and at least three on the same scribble sheet, so those will get looked up. Then, odds are, i will get sucked into the interweb zone…), plans to hit a woodworking demo with the man, movies and shows that have been recommended… ugh
The time never seems to fit all the things i want or need to do. But i am becoming okay with that, largely because i had a mental image of what it would be like to have the opposite problem- and having nothing to fill up my free hours…


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