So heres the problem…

Last year i read some awesome and funny gender flipping articles. I am not a real writer, and make no claims in that direction, but i do have some thoughts on this that i wish to express.
So, for the record, i have psychotic fucking hatreds with the things that are taught and said along gender lines in the usa. ( yay to anyone that caught the Carlin reference)
So, i just have alot of questions about how we treat kids based on gender. As a fem that thought dolls sucked and legos rocked ;).
The big questions.. why dont we just treat people like they are people? Why are different things expected on a gender basis? What are we losing out on by encouraging certain traits in y carriers, and trying to beat or shame them out of fems? And what would happen if gender teaching was flipped?
For example; what would happen if boys were told from start that women gave birth because they were physically stronger and mentally tougher; but boys were more caring and nuturing, so they were the natural childcarers. What would happen if boys got nothing but dolls and kitchen sets for toys, and girls got legos, guns and arduinos?
And what if we did this for.., 2014 years?

*dont think this should be done, btw.. just an example of gender flipping. Because if it sounds stupid reversed to men, odds are it just sounds stupid.


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