Ugh… i mean; yay winter!

Day two of no water in the apt. Its been a debacle of frozen and bursting pipes. Had a waterfall for about an hour one day. Since i live in the only occupied apartment in the building, the “leak” wasnt noticed or dealt with very quickly.
My crazy roomate thought he shut off the main water valve to stop the leak, but not so much. The smaller waterfall was discovered by a property management rep while she was attempting to show a first floor apt. (Wince) Crazy roomie also decided to shut off all the hall and walkway lights (AT THE BREAKER!) Because? Well, he was rather drugged up at the time.
So this has created a very eerie atmosphere on the first floor. It is much colder than the outside. You can see your breath in the pale glow of a flashlight. Streaks run down the walls. And the carpet squishes underfoot…


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