Drinking equals posting..

I have a hard time communicating. Been compared to robots, drill sargents, aliens, and most possible combos of the words bitch and cold.
It is true that i dont like to get emotions involved when it seems unnessacary and messy. And i find it annoying that as a non y-carrier; i am expected to have an emotional response to almost everything.
In the interests of disclosure…
I grew up with what i now consider a completely insane .. “idea?” , “theory?”.. not sure what is the proper descriptive. But the fact of the matter is i was brought up being taught that women were weak and emotional creatures that were more or less incapable of logic. (Pardon me, i have to go bang my head against a wall until it stops hurting.)
Funny thing; all the women in my family are smart, logical, and determined. And i worry that my kid sisters will never live up to their actual potential because they have been taught that they have less potential automatically.
Also i have to measure this teaching against what i see everyday.
So. I am not sure if my brain really works so very differently or if my questions are so very different than everyone elses? Or if everyone else is just better at repressing the questions than i am?
So i think for a little while, i would like to post my questions about how things work. About the system. About feminism. And rascism. And every other ism that i know of. And any other question i have burning within that i havent found a satisfactory answer for and can manage to articulate. About my experience, and why i thought i was bad at being a woman. Lol.
Any and all comments are welcome. But i dont expect to agree with all. 😉


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