I just got a message from the man i am legally married to. I told him in December nearly two years ago that we were done. We have had seperate apts for nearly a year. He cheated on me, was physically abusive, and made me think that i was crazy, and all the problems in the relationship were my fault. I am ashamed to say that I am still trying to sort out what was real, or  if anything was.
The message said that we need to have a serious conversation, because there are things we need to iron out. I am again ashamed to admit that I am physically shaking after reading that. Trying to stay positive and hopeful that it means hes going to grant me a divorce! But I really dont think thats the case somehow. Odds are he will accuse me of some wild shit, play victim, and if Im very, very lucky, i will walk out miserable, but alive


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