Having a conversation with a work buddy the other day about weekend plans. He was asking what mine were and i told him that i didnt have any yet but i was hoping to. Fast forward past him trying to convince me to move a few tons of stone for him and the wife. He asks what im hoping to do this weekend and my blunt and likely inappropriate answer was – get laid. Now where most people would have been shocked or horrified; he bursts out laughing. His comment was “why cant more women be upfront about that kind of stuff?”
If i had to guess… maybe the social stigma? Or they feel that men like them to play coy? Or that they are supposed to behave and speak in certain ways?
I was raised with all of the above. Maybe it doesnt apply to the population at large?
But im old now, and only seeing one person, so i dont feel as wierd being blunt. At least with people that i know well. Not quite to the level of public announcement yet.
Though i did get my first in public kiss recently. Blushing just thinking about it; maybe im not as much of a badass as i like to think. 😀


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