Not so random thoughts

I have been told for months now by my roomate how negative and angry i am. This really bothered me for some time, because ive been feeling like im in a good place mentally. So after all this time; with much soul-searching on my part, and seemingly random tantrums on his… I think maybe im getting somewhere… His tantrums are occurring at the times when i call him on unacceptable behavior. Like wandering into my room when im there without knocking, or ransacking my top drawer when im not.
Can’t say i have a full understanding of whats really going on, but im rather convinced that im not the evil bitch he’s attempting to portray me as.
Moral of the story currently- If someone complains when you set boundaries; check yourself to determine if the lines you wish to draw are fair and reasonable. If they are, you are not in the wrong and the remaining question is why the other person is reacting badly.
Having boundaries is a good thing in any interpersonal relationship, and should not cause a hissy fit. Also maybe not pawing through my undies is basic decency?


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